The XF IQ4 150MP Camera System provides unparalleled resolution and detail, allowing to produce RAW images that are larger than life, for limitless editing possibilities. The XF IQ4 150MP Camera System is much more than the world’s first 151-megapixel camera – it’s a forward-thinking companion for producing the most creative and ambitious photographic visions.

The iXG Camera System is designed with up to 100-megapixel resolution, multispectral image processing, industrial durability, and an updated version of Capture One Cultural Heritage software that adds additional value to an already efficient workflow, ensuring accurate recording of the finest cultural artifacts. In combination with a Phase One or Digital Transitions Copy Stand, this capture solution quickly switches between large and small originals, and with a Phase One or Digital Transitions Film Capture Stage, film and glass plates are readily digitized.

Treventus ScanRobot 2.0 MDS

The ScanRobot® 2.0 MDS is a high speed mass digitization system (MDS) designed for large volume digitization of any bound material. This automatic book scanner significantly increases the net throughput and lowers the overall costs of your digitization projects.

  • up to 2500 page / hour
  • automatic page turner
  • designed to last millions of expositions
  • automatic glass prism scanner head



Being able to scan up to A3 format, Czur scanners can quickly digitalize a wide range of archival materials, even in different shapes, and the non-destructive scanning method effectively avoids damage to your valuable files, automatically converting them into digital documents.


Kaiser Fototechnik - stands for a German company founded in 1946 who, from the start, designed and manufactured products of high quality, reliability and function to give meaning to "Made in Germany".



Profoto doesn’t do complicated. Their photography lighting products are quick and easy to set up and use. That’s probably why everyone from aspiring photographers to the world’s best image creators absolutely love them. That and the fact that they help produce breathtakingly stunning pictures of course.

The NanGuang Combo 200 LED Slim Pad Light has 200 Watts of power, offering ample and diffuse light for digitazing flat or three dimensional artifacts.

The Spectromaster C-7000 is a portable handheld spectrometer, designed especially for industrial use. Utilizing Sekonic’s CMOS linear image sensor design and large touch-screen color display, the C-7000 can measure and accurately describe LED, HMI, fluorescent, as well as natural light and electronic flash.

"Digitization of cultural heritage is the most beautiful job in this world."

Cultural Heritage imaging is rooted in the idea of preserving the past for the future. The need for digitization of historic collections in museums and libraries is rapidly growing, with increasing focus on public access, research and preservation of information for the future. Often a race against time, solutions that enable rapid capture are not only necessary, but often crucial.

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