The Cape of All Saints

Peti Péter, Lakatos Adél
Phase One IQ280

The catholic archdiocese treasury of Kalocsa has an extraordinary collection of historic artifacts in it’s „Treasury of Kalocsa” exhibition. and the Cape of All Saints is the most valuable item. Our specialists digitized the cape with our Phase One system.

The cape is made of purple silk interwoven with golden yarn. The embroidered text is „GRAND PRIX E. U. PARIS 1900”. At the top: a shield, depicting the coronation of Mary. The whole imagery is focused on the praising of All Saints. The saints stand tight next to each other and their name is written on their halo. Angels hold ribbons with names of relevant places and objects and symbolic items related to them: Domus Aurea, Turris Aburnea, Speculum Justicia, Faedris Arca, Jenua Coeli, Stella Matutina. The cape has a golden belt with a cherub in it.

The stole is woven from the same material as the cape. It is decorated with cherubs, seraphs and angels, on the sides crosses with lilies. The angels hold a ribbon with text that says: “Tibi anelli Cherubini et Seraphini” and „Sanctus”.


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