The ships of Tódor Batthyany

Peti Péter, Tüskés Anna
Phase One IQ280

Our specialists digitized copperplates and aquarelles depicting the famous riverboats of Tódor Batthyány with Phase One’s IQ280.

Batthyany was a famous shipbuilder of Hungary in the late 18th century. His special ships revolutionized the regional trading with innovative merchant ships. Anna Tüskés is a researcher who is an expert in the history of these ships. The digitizing made it easy to discover new details and the great quality of craftsmanship, ones that are not visible with the naked eye.

One of the aquarelles shows the shipyard at Pozsony. The whole yard is decorated, and visitors are walking amond the buildings or enjoying a boat ride. The painter took great passion in the details: at 100x magnification we can see small children and dogs playing in the background.

Batthyány’s most famous ship the Bucentaurus used a special drive to propel itself. It was instantly recognizable of its oval shape, and unusual cabin. The emperor himself also inspected the new ship during a ceremony. Fülöp Janos created a copperplate of the royal visit in 1802. There is a great smiling sun in the top left corner and a rose spilling cornucopia in the middle-top. Next to the ponton bridge is the royal couple with body guards. We can also see the royal carriage with six horses. The emperor wears a triangular hat, a coat and yellow trousers.


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