Project of Digitization of the Serbian Cultural Heritage
Photographing Glass is like Photographing the Sunset
Photogrammetry: Let’s enter the space of artworks – virtually


Our Mission

Cultural heritage is the essence of our past virtues that can guide and help future generations by its it's irreplacable values. It is the foundation of what we are today as human beings, and all that we might be in our future. Our mission is to provide professional assitance to preserve these values. By digitizing books, texts, paintings, photographs or artifacts, and organizing them in an ordered researchable way, we provide timeless digital representaions of voulnerable works of art. The cost of digitizing is insignificant compared to the gains of future generations.



Phase One CH workshop at the Romanian National History Museum
19. 12. 2019Author: Daniel HorvathAs representative and Training Center of Phase One CH in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, we introduced the company's high-end cultural heritage...

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Tripont CHS and Phase One at MuseumDigit 2019
  On November 26-27 we were present as main sponsor and exhibitor at the most exciting museum technology conference of the region at the Hungarian...

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Project of Digitization of the Serbian Cultural Heritage
Audiovisual Archive and Digitization Center of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) is a leading scientific...

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Need to be photographed before they perish – but it matters how
Digitization: a word that is often used nowadays. But what does it mean exactly? People often think that taking a photo of a piece of...

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